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Welcome to Hunter Valley Horse Riding & Adventures at Hill Top

Ride the unique and beautiful Molly Morgan Range, experiencing the spectacular views of the Hunter Valley Wine Country and Lower Hunter and as far North as Barrington Tops, the northern boundary of the Upper Hunter.

Riding is available every day for the inexperienced (the beginner) and the experienced rider.

  • Trail Rides - You ride with a dedicated, qualified guide who gives you assistance and guidance along the way.
  • Personalised Rides -  For a Special Occasion, Pleasure Ride, or Personalised Tuition.
  • Sunset Rides - As the wildlife awakens and begin to feed, ride with the Kangaroos and Wallabies in the light of the beautiful sunsets.
  • Pony Rides
  • Family Rides
  • Birthday Rides
  • After School Club
  • Adopt a Pony - School Holidays
  • Conference Groups

See the Native Wildlife in the Wild

See the Native Wildlife in the Wild

Many of the Australian animals only feed  as the day cools down and continuing until the following day.

See the Native Animals as they feed in their natural surroundings, in the wild,  Kangaroos, Wallabies Wallaroos,wombats and where they live, possums, squirel possums, sugar gliders, bats.

We also can see foxes, rabbits,birds, owls, echidnas.

  As night falls study the clear star filled sky.

Birthday Rides/Parties

Birthday Rides/Parties

 For those young lovers of horses ,what would be better than spending their birthday with these beautiful animals. From 8 years of age you are able to go on a trail ride, under 8 years of age  a pony will take you for a ride through part of the trail. Bring your friends and enjoy a picnic, party food and horse /pony rides   there are also farm animals,including cows and calves, chooks, Fresh Farm eggs, birds and guinea pigs  and of course, every farm has to have a dog and cat.Talk to the beautiful draught horses,Suffolk Punch (an endangered breed)x Percheron. and Clydesdale "The gentle giants" -  Inspect the horse drawn coaches from yesterday. Bring the children for a day in the country.  For enquiries and bookings phone 0249307111

School holiday horse riding Camps

School holiday horse riding Camps

We offer all day horse riding camps in the school holidays for 10-16 year olds. The camps include looking after horses, feeding,grooming,saddlery and riding. Overnight accommodation is available in the guest house for longer stays. Conditions apply

Personalised Rides

Personalised Rides

These are very popular for marriage proposals, Anniversaries and birthdays.Why not include a delicious picnic basket to celebrate!


   Picnic rides are available for couples or for groups


   For riders with some experience a personalised ride can take them to the higher ridges and lookouts where you have views of the valley as far as the eye can see, Even on the lower trails you can see most of the valley and wine country to the mountain bounderies, The Hunter Valley is quite large and diverse and its diversity can be captured  from Hill Top.




          Bookings are required Please phone 0249307111 or email

Sunset  Ride

Sunset Ride

 The Autumn and winter sunsets are magical. Just this week the sunset was brilliant along with two rainbows, although there had not been a drop of rain all day  and the kangaroos  happily grazing . A truly beautiful expereince.  It is a special  time of the day to ride. The kangaroos come out to feed,the birds are getting ready for the night and the sky is beautiful as the sun is sinking low in the west.Peace and tranquillity



 If you  are looking for accommodation in the Hunter Valley.Look no further. Whether you are looking to stay and go horse riding so as you can capture the spectacular views of the Hunter Valley or coming to Wine Country or for a wedding, or just for a country experience with peace and tranquillity and to talk to the farm animals ,Hill Top is ideal. Hill Top has spectacular views North South East and West of the Hunter Valley and of Wine Country and an abundance of Native Wildlife-Peace and Tranquillity.300 acres to ride and explore .Spectaular views are at all levels and the more experienced riders can go to the higher lookouts on the property. Looking for somewhere to Stay in the Valley ?Hill Top has accommodation in the charming Guest House and Modern semi-self contained Villas. Breakfast is available and pre-booked meals and picnics .Some of the "best "in the Valley are just around the corner.The , Smoke House, The Olive Press, Cafes,Restaurants, Sweets to die for,Wineries,Art Galleries and History- Wanting to know where the Lovedale name came from !? Come in for a cup of Coffee and the story will be told.! Phone 0249307111 to make a booking today or email

Terms and Conditions

Safety is paramount when riding at Hunter Valley Horse Riding & Adventures at Hill Top. We are proud of our Safety records.  Horse Riding is an outdoor activity. Please come prepared for all weather conditions. There is no refund given due to weather conditions unless the ride is cancelled prior  to the confirmed start, due to dangerous conditions. A confirmed booking by visa or master card is required. There will be no refund for no shows .



 For Tiny tots and  under 8 years of age  the ponies will take them through  the trial over the fields. Older children and parents can also join this ride .Kangaroos are usually seen on the ride and the children can later visit  the aviary to say hello to the parrots,guinea pigs and chooks.

Hill Top Magic

Hill Top Magic

  No matter the season , Hill Top is magical, from the clouds and rising mist off the mountain, after rain.

Autumn with beautiful sunny days and cooler nights and magical sunsets.  Winter with sunny days and crisp nights and clear bright star filled skies and wood fires.  and the Mist filled valley below.Spring as the valley awakens from its winter sleep with the green vines and grass and  scented flowers  baby animals and birds, to summer with beautiful mornings and the call of the many birds  and balmy  evenings as the sun sets to the sound of the beautiful bird song once again- It is truly magical

Ladies Day

Ladies Day

For all those young, and young at heart,ladies who have ridden horses in the pass and really would like to ride again,  or more often, gather your friends and make it a girls day out, Midweek. Take a change from the gym  and benefit from the fresh country air  and the best exercise going . Come Horse Riding at the Hunter Valley Horse Riding & Adventures at HILL TOP 288 Talga Road, Lovedale/Rothbury. After the ride why not stay for a light lunch-  And if you cannot  co-ordinate those friends ,  Well come alone  You will certainly enjoy the company of the wonderful expereinced and a knowledgeable guides .I am sure your friends will organise their lives once you tell them of the enjoyable time that you had



 So as we can taylor a ride to suit your requirements Please either email or phone Margaret 0249307111  or 0417233008 for prices and inclusions. Our horses do have weight restricitions.  We are open every day.  A confirmed booking is required. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to starting time.Please be punctual.There is a 48  hour cancellation policy.


   The New Hunter Expressway has opened. For the fastest and safest route from  coming from the South direction, to Wine Country take the Lovedale Exit from the expressway.You are now in Wine country.Drive 1  klm and take the first road to the the right Camp Road, pointing towards Greta and then immediately left into Talga Road,From here  our gate is  2.88 ks on the right Hunter Valley Horse Riding & Adventures and Hill Top Country Guest House and Villas. Coming from the New England Highway from the north leave the Hunter Expressway and travel through Branxton and Greta. As you are about to leave Greta take the Kurri Kurri and to the Railway station sign which takes you into Camp Road,(You wont see a Camp road sign until you get to the far end though).Just before Lovedale Road, T intersection there is a Welcome to Lovedale sign and opposite this you turn right into Talga Road. Come stay and Play where you capture spectacular Views of the Hunter Valley and an Abundance of native wildlife/Kangaroos, wombats .  Ask to ride to the Wedge Tail Eagles Nest!




Go Hiking the Nordik way to the top of the range to discover more spectacular valley views

Bring your mountain bike and ride the trails. Conditions apply

Breakfast Ride

What better way to start the day than with a delicious breakfast   and to go Horse riding , whilst overlooking the valley and vineyards. Relax then after the ride, continue driving, enjoying this magical part of the valley, stopping at the smoke house, the deli, the sweets to die for,even a massage, and dont forget the wonderful wineries, the spectacular views and the  incredible  native wildlife. 

Did you see the Wedge Tail Eagles Nest??You may not be thinking of dinner yet, but it is best to make a booking, because the restaurants in  this area are excellent and they get booked out early.

Heat Wave conditions

  Please take notice of heat wave conditions when deciding to ride and arrange for rides early in the morning and late  afternoon and do other activities in the middle of the day  where you can avoid the sun and intense heat. Your effort of getting up early or going later as the sun goes down will be rewarded.


Sadley I am offering one of my favourite horses for sale.Roxey is approximately 8 years old ,14.2 hands, chestnut paint,Quarterhorse X. I would love to get a foal from her but I havnt got the time to be able to follow through with the foal. I want her to go to a good home as a brood mare as I am sure that she will produce some beautiful paint foals.She has been retired from riding. She has a beautiful temperament and has been a wonderful riding horse from a  young age. For all enquiries Please phone 0249307111

Hunter Valley Horse Riding and Adventures

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Accommodation is available at the Hill Top

In the luxury guest house and self-contained Villa Accommodation at the Hill Top Country Guest House

Limited Camping is also available

Bookings are Essential

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